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Tools for School

Easy Math is dedicated to providing teachers and schools with the extra support they need to get kids to succeed at math.  Not only do we focus on everyday homework and mathematical concepts, we help students prepare for STAAR exams and the SAT’s.

Prep Course for Teachers

Our unique Course Prep tool is a way the Easy Math App is helping overwhelmed teachers easily customize lessons and track student progress.

Test Prep for Students

The pressure to perform well on exams is placing a lot of stress on parents, teachers, and students. That’s why we designed our test preparation course.

Tutors on Demand

All of our tutors have their teacher certifications and go through an extensive background check and we test and vet all of our tutors.

We appreciate the fact that students aren’t just given answers, they help students work through the problems. The app is easy for students to use, they just have to take a picture of their problem and a tutor will help them work through it.

Gay Lynn Bonjour , District Secondary Math Specialist, Amarillo ISD

I couldn’t do the homework alone at home. Once they taught me how to solve the problem I was able to get through my homework with no problem.

Matt, Student

The app is easy to use and very versatile because teachers can use it in the classroom and students can use it at home. The app helps students on an individual level. It helps them find their natural talent.

David Do, Teacher

School Supplies


Our Test Preparation Course pushes out questions designed to prepare students for the actual test. Formulas, example videos, test questions, and even a timed practice exam will help students be fully prepared on test day.


One-on-one tutoring means students get our tutor’s undivided attention.  Simply submit your question and a qualified tutor will respond within three minutes.


Students can follow along with each and every step of the problem solving process, then take what they’ve seen and apply it to their own math homework.


We’ll send reports so you can track your students’ progress. Teachers can use these reports to enhance your in class lessons.


Eliminate the need for expensive calculators. The Easy Math App includes free access to all of the functionality of a graphing calculator.

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